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The Health and Safety Authority of Ireland have published a brand new code of practise for Indoor Air Quality in Irish businesses.

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Changes in regulation

Code of Practice for Indoor Air Quality, by Section 60 of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005

Regulation Change

The code provides a mandatory practical risk assessment approach to assist employers with reasonably determining IAQ in their workplace. Parameters for CO2, air changes per hour, temperature, humidity, and ventilation rates are included to enable baseline assessments.

Employers have duties under this act to provide a safe place to work.

Who does it apply to?

This code is relevant to all places of work. It aims to provide practical guidance on improving and managing indoor air quality in the workplace, specifically focussed on, but not limited to, employers and employees improving indoor air quality.

In line with Section 2(6) of the 2005 Act, all employer duties, for which guidance is provided in this code, should be carried out as far as is reasonably practicable.

The code also provides detailed general information on ventilation, air filtration and carbon dioxide monitors.

What do I need to do?

If you are an employer in Ireland, these regulations apply to you, and at a minimum, you must have a specialist complete the following:

  • A detailed risk assessment of your building must be carried out
  • Based on the findings of the risk assessment, appropriate mitigation strategies should be developed and implemented to improve air quality
  • Certificate of completion will be issued in conjunction with the H&S min standard requirements.

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Our compliance solution

We provide the specialist assessment required by All employers in Ireland under the new regulations.

In addition, we can provide your workplace with:

  • Advanced sensors to provide an audit trail for continued compliance should your workplace require this
  • Online reporting and monitoring tool for key air quality measure of C02, temperature, humidity, air changes per hour
  • Portable HEPA filter systems to filter and clean the air in high-risk areas that are not properly Ventillated
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Our technology

We know you’re busy, which is why the indoor environment data can be accessed not only on your laptop but also via our app, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that you’ll know exactly what’s happening in your commercial or social housing portfolio, or school or healthcare facility when you need to know it.

  • Historical analysis which can be used as a baseline to make optimisation decisions
  • Live data analysis helps you manage your space in a given moment
    Predictive analytics identifies what is likely to happen based on the current data.
  • The predictive analytics are connected to an alerting system, letting users know minutes or even hours in advance if an unsafe hotspot is likely to develop


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