The air we breathe at home, at school, at work and especially in critical care environments such as hospitals and nursing homes is responsible for the spread of microorganisms and as such, a common vehicle for the transmission of harmful pathogens that pose a risk of causing infection and illness.

It is a fact, whether we like it or not, that many of us have neglected the quality of the air that we expect our colleagues, visitors or customers to breathe in our workplaces or classrooms. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get:

Are they really just plug & play? What set-up is required?

Mia Air purifiers are fully mobile units with 2m long power cables; easy to push and navigate through corridors and doorways to the space you’re looking to treat. These units have 4 integrated wheels for full mobility. They also just weigh 16kg, so not too heavy to lift if you’re feeling energetic!

The machines have 5 settings. Your Mia Air representative will advise which setting will provide the optimum benefit for your facility. Once it’s set, the machine will automatically return to its last known setting when it’s switched back on. Are the machines noisy in the room? The Mia Air machines come with 5 settings (Silent, ECO, Auto, Manual & Turbo), each with varying noise levels. They vary from completely silent to a maximum of 58dB.

Do your systems use much energy?

With a minimum carbon footprint, Mia Air is energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its anti-allergenic structure, it delivers fresh air at a maximum level. Mia Air is CE, ECARF, Energy Star and UL CAS certified.

Do you offer a rental option, or do I have to buy them?

We offer both a purchase and a number of rental options. With the cold & flu season no doubt only around the corner, we have some very affordable short-term rental options available which can help the forthcoming high-risk season. Get in touch with our sales team to find out which option will work best for you.

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