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Rathbeggan National School

Using HEPA14 air filters for optimal air quality in a primary school. 

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‘Every classroom in Ireland should receive air filters’

The Client:

For 60 years, Rathbeggan National School has been an integral part of the local community, promoting and fostering a positive approach to the education of children in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath.

The Problem:

Facing staff shortages, unsuitable classroom conditions due to every external door being left open all day, while internally, communal room windows were constantly open for air circulation, and the school potentially being closed Rathbeggan NS needed a sustainable air quality solution. 

The Solution:

Following an on-site evaluation of Rathbeggan National School, the Mia Air team Installed 9 Mia Air HEPA14 Air filtration systems to protect ensure a safe environment in the 173-pupil school also removing the constant need to leave windows and doors open.. 

Lisa Callanan, principal of Rathbeggan national school in Dunshaughlin, Co Meath

‘Ideally, HEPA 14 filters should arrive in every classroom in the country once assessments are made on which ones suit best; that would make it crystal clear that every school would have that extra layer of protection.’

Lisa Callanan, principal of Rathbeggan national school

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Mia Air Meets the Department of Education requirements at 60% of its full capapbility!

“Introducing them at an earlier juncture, rather than almost two years later, would have been more effective.”

Until Mia Air filters arrived at the school of 18 staff last Monday, every external door apart from the front door, was left open all day, while internally, communal room windows were constantly open.

The high efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) systems work by trapping and destroying airborne particles and viruses before pumping out clean air through a fan and can be controlled on smartphone apps.

providing HEPA filters to schools should be the ‘natural solution’ to tackle all forms of airborne viruses and bacteria, even beyond Covid.

Since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, the school has had to deal with just 10 positive cases of Covid-19, the result of a “huge collaborative effort” by children, staff and parents.

“Every measure suggested in terms of prevention in our school community, we have taken on board,” the principal added.

“Children have adapted so well and parents have prepared them so well.

“They are layered up with base layers underneath their uniforms and have the option to wear their coats in class if they wish.”

She does not believe changes should be made to school Christmas holidays given the disruption to education so far.

“The best thing is to keep the natural school calendar as it is, breaking on December 22 and returning on January 6.”

HEPA H14 Air Filtration for Schools

Schools in Ireland currently do not have adequate Air Filtration systems and are forced to ventilate rooms by leaving windows and doors open. This approach is not always the correct or practical approach for staff and students.

Mia Air can assist this approach and create teaching environments where the Air is filtered and cleaned where poor ventilation exists.

Mia Air has been widely deployed in German Schools where a government initiate supported the purchase of High Grade HEPA Filtration systems.

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