As the inevitable shift in mindset begins to gather momentum post pandemic, the public’s awareness of the hazards of air pollution has prompted more and more businesses to look at their indoor air quality solutions. Some are lucky enough to have air filtration built into their existing HVAC systems (although they are few & far between due to the high-cost restrictions).

Here in Ireland, and particularly in Dublin, Georgian buildings line many of the streets. Most of these are protected structures, therefore limiting any works that can be carried out on the buildings. These Georgian buildings are home to many of the city’s professional services businesses, with legal & financial firms very much to the fore. Mia Air’s portable, standalone air filtration systems have provided much needed assistance in helping to solve air quality issues in a number of these buildings around Dublin city centre.

One such business is CFO Services – a strategic financial advisory business, based in Ely Place, Dublin 2.  Mark Fleming of CFO Services explained why they felt obliged to take such action:

“Having the team in the office, be it in a hybrid model for some, or more fulltime for others, is of paramount importance to CFO Services to ensure we can continue to offer our clients the exceptionally high standard of service that they have become accustomed to. Our offices are situated in the basement of an old Georgian building in Dublin 2, so the options for us to provide additional ventilation during the Covid-19 pandemic were limited. Having done some research, but still a little unsure of what we needed, we contacted Mia Air. Within 24 hours they had a representative with us who assessed our offices and made their recommendations accordingly. The system they supplied us with is discreet, simple to use, but most of all has given the team here great reassurance that the threat of the spread of airborne virus and bacteria has been greatly reduced. The fact that Mia Air are also an active member of the Dublin Chamber as we are ourselves, was a nice bonus.”

Where the HSA refers to the obligation of the employer to provide adequate fresh air in enclosed workspaces, steps are now being taken in this country to write this into legislation.

The Mia Air team would be delighted to provide your business with a complimentary risk assessment of your premises. Our medical grade HEPA 14 air filtration systems are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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