While many of us are clinging to the last rays of the good weather we have enjoyed in the last few months, there is no getting away from the fact that the cold mornings are closing in on us, and soon enough the colds & sniffles will be back among us all.

The Minister for Health has said he is “concerned” about a severe winter flu season this year, adding that Ireland is “potentially looking at a perfect storm” with a combination of Respiratory Syncytial Virus and another Covid wave.

Protecting ourselves, and the vulnerable in our communities will always be a priority. Minister Donnelly said it comes at a time when presentations at emergency departments are at “the highest ever” level. Given what we know now about the harm airborne virus and bacteria cause, particularly in critical care settings such as our hospitals and nursing homes, any additional protection that can be provided must be considered.

We have affordable short-term rental options available across the range of products. The HEPA 14 standard triple filtration system kills airborne viruses and other nasty pathogens and is EN 1822 certified.

Mia Air is one of the highest capacity devices on the market with the ability to clean a room of 100m² 2/3 times each hour.

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