SMEs and Smaller Offices

Mia Air is ideal for use for SME or small office environments

Mia Air can provide clean filtered air to SME Ireland or small office environments to facilitate the safe return of full teams to office work

Mia Air solutions are available for rent from €95 per month.

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Why do SMEs and Smaller Offices need Mia Air?

The minimisation of staff shortages due to sick leave is now a key measure in businesses as the costs and risks of employee welfare is now more important than ever.

Mia Air will carry out a survey of your office environment and provide you with a proposed solution which can be provided on a rental basis per month or as a purchased solution

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The Air that you, your staff, customers and visitors deserve to breathe should be free from…

Our Partners

Mikropor has been providing specialist Air Filtration and Air management systems to leading industry and brands for over 35 years and was approved as one of the suppliers in Germany in 2020 for the German Governments School Air Filtration System

Hospital Grade Air Filtration Systems
for Superior indoor air quality

Mia Air Air Purifier models provide Superior air filtration with EN1822 standardised ANTIMIC® HEPA 14 and ULPA 15 filters, as well as a UVC light for destroying 99.995% of Viruses and Bacteria.

Our Models:

Top-of-class source of fresh air

  • Automatic Real Time Air Monitoring – including C02
  • Three Stage Filtration system
  • HEPA 14 Filter as standard – EN 1822
  • Removes 99.995% of Covid 19 Virus
  • Area capacity of 100m2
  • Portable, Plug and Play
  • Available for Rental from €95 per month
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Source of Clean Air for Larger Areas

  • Specialist Large Area System
  • Three Stage Filtration system
  • ULPA 15 Filter as standard (Level above HEPA)
  • Removes 99.9995% of Covid 19 Virus
  • Active Carbon Filter for VOC Removal
  • Large area capacity of 300m2
  • Available for Rental from €249 per month
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Mia Air Rental Program for SMEs and Smaller Offices

We provide a special rental scheme based on term time usage from €95 per month.

This enables a school to deploy the system in a cost effective manner.



The package eliminates maintenance, compliance, administrative burden and risk for staff.

  • Rental system allows for flexibility and cost management.
  • Rental pricing includes full maintenance and filter replacement.
  • Mia Air units are also available for sale – please contact us for a fully costed solution.

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