Some form of remote working is undoubtedly now part of many peoples working conditions. Some embrace it. Some, not so much. The reluctance of some employees not to go back to the office is understandable. Not having long commute times for many being one of the main and very understandable reasons. And if your staff can maintain a consistent level of productivity, should more be considering it? But what about those who prefer more regular human interaction and guidance?

At the recent online summit held by Healthy Place to Work® some of the following points were raised:

  • In some circumstances, remote working has created a strain on connections that would have normally been nurtured in the workplace.
  • A survey on the day found that there 54% would choose to join a company based on workplace culture & atmosphere.
  • 29% of employees said they feel lonely at work. Working from home again seemed to feed this sentiment.

The majority of SME’s said they felt productivity, team culture and, ultimately revenue had improved since a more consistent return to the workplace.

There is no doubt that as a business, we at Mia Air Ireland & UK have noticed a marked increase in enquiries from businesses keen to return the staff to the office in some capacity. In a lot of cases, businesses wouldn’t have realised that they had any air quality issues, as they would clean, vacuum, and sanitise the office daily. But as we know now, the airborne virus & bacteria particles we can’t see are every bit, if not more harmful, than the dirt we can see.

The provision of clean air, while not yet part of Irish legislation, is recommended in the Safety, Health & Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations 2007.

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